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Noa Eshkol

       Born 1924, Kvutzat Degania B, Israel
       Died 2007, Holon, Israel

Bibliographical Notes

1943-1945     Dance and body culture studies, Tehila Ressler School, Tel Aviv
1946-1948     Art of Movement Studio, Manchester, Great Britain (Teachers: Rudolf Laban and Lisa Ullmann)
 The Sigurd Leeder School of Modern Dance, London

Dance and Movement Notation
1954-1993     Noa Eshkol's Chamber Dance Group (with changing participants) performed her dances, composed in the Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation (EWMN) system she had created with Avraham Wachman, in Israel and around the world, and participated in various festivals, including the Spoleto Festival, Italy, and the Israel Festival, Jerusalem
1968 Founded the Movement Notation Society in Israel
1972 Founded and headed the Research Center of Movement Notation in the Faculty of Visual and Performing Arts,Tel Aviv University
1984 Founded and organized the First International Congress of Movement Notation, Israel

1951-1985     The Cameri Theater Drama School, Tel Aviv
Beit Zvi Drama School, Tel Aviv
Faculty of Dance, the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance
School of Physical Education, Kibbutzim College of Education, Tel Aviv
School of Physical Education, University of Illinois, Springfield, Illinois
Diploma studies in Movement Notation, Tel Aviv University
1968-1969     Guest Professor in the University of Illinois, Springfield, Illinois (research on simultaneous movement)
1972-1990 Professor in the Faculty of Visual and Performing Arts,Tel Aviv University

1955     Movement Notation: a Proposal (Rehovot: Weizman Institute) (co-authored by Avraham Wachman)
1958     Movement Notation (London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson) – the first book on the EWMN method (co-authored by Avraham Wachman)
1958-2007     Over thirty publications published by the Movement Notation Society and the Research Center of Movement Notation at Tel Aviv University, on the application of EWMN in different fields – such as the documentation of dance and movement styles, animal behavior, sign language, graphic-kinetic art, etc.


EWMN Center
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